Welcome to SunOven

SunOven Gluten-Free and vegan Baking Company is a dedicated gluten free & vegan wholesale bakery. we provide artisan breads, bagels, buns, seasonal pastries, cinnamon rolls and our amazing SunOven doughnuts!

All of our products are handcrafted in ojai, ca.



All SunOven bread products can be shipped to your doorstep
All products are now available for order &  local pick up


Our Products



SunOven was born from one mom's hope to make healthy, yummy gluten-free bread for her family. The bread and buns are the heart of the bakery



As the bakery grew, so did its offerings of bread products. Baguettes are formed by hand and baked at a very high temperature to get a crispy, golden outside while the inside remains soft. And the bagels have been a family morning favorite!



When SunOven moved to Ojai we could not help experimenting with the local herbs & produce. Lavender doughnuts, rosemary shortbread, maple fennel scones are some of the locals’ favorites. However, the hand rolled, small batched cinnamon rolls are a daily must have!



From frost your own doughnut birthday parties, cranberry-walnut boules, matcha-ginger St. Patrick's doughnuts, peppermint cocoa scones, pumpkin rolls, to take & bake cinnamon rolls, the requests and creative bakery minds are always flowing. The holidays bring a special meaning to baked goods and SunOven offers a pre-order for family gatherings.

Giving Back

At SunOven we work together to nourish the community one loaf at a time. 


Here are just a few of the charities & events we support:

  • Girls Empowerment

  • Greater Goods

  • Bake & Gather

  • Oak Grove School

  • Laundry Love

  • Los Padres Forest Watch

  • Ventura Charter School

  • Local youth sports

  • OYES

  • Paso Pacifico